The Northern Arizona Native-American Foundation
Scholarships for Native-American High School students from the tribes of Northern Arizona

Our Purpose


If you are a Native-American high school student in school in Northern Arizona and you are reading this website, congratulations! You found us! We have been looking for students like yourself to see if we might be able to play a part in transforming your dreams into higher education. Also, congratulations, for if you are looking at this website, you are certainly thinking about Life After High School, one of our favorite topics.


The Northern Arizona Native-American Foundation (TNANAF) was founded primarily to change a reality that we found unsettling. Statistics recently proved that many, talented Native-American students in our community were not continuing their education due to a lack of funds and a lack of resources. This should not be the case. We are now in our third year of challenging that statistic and creating more opportunities for educational success.


But we need your help. We want you to explore this website. We want you to apply for our scholarships. We want you to tell your friends about us. We want you to tell us about other programs during school breaks and summer time that you are interested in attending. We want you to dream with us.


One of The Northern Arizona Native-American Foundation's primary goals is to assist high school seniors who are matriculating to college with scholarships. In the past 10 years TNANAF has granted $150,000 in scholarships to talented and deserving Native-American High School students. We believe strongly that these awards help a college freshman with the transition to university life. This year we hope to add even more scholarship opportunities.

In June of 2006, TNANAF was able to assist Tyrrell Tahe of Kykotsmovi, Arizona and Sheryln Thomas of Chinle, Arizona on their way to Northern Arizona University. The following year, 2007, we were able to assist Yadira Caballero of Grand Canyon, Arizona on her way to the University of Arizona. The year 2008 found TNANAF granting scholarships to Violeta Caballero on her way to Northern Arizona University, Samantha Leffler on her way to NAU, and Courtney Etsitty on her way to Arizona State University. In 2015 we awarded 11 scholarships to talented and deserving students for college and for summer programs.

Please bear in mind, we are open to applicants interested in attending a four-year college, a community college, an art school, or vocational school. If your application makes the case that you are talented and serious about continuing your education in any form, we are serious in trying to lend a hand.

In addition, if you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior in high school and are interested in a summer program that you feel will enrich you and prepare yourself for education after high school, please apply.If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please click the Application line below and follow the directions. When you have assembled all the needed application pieces, please send your application to the address on the top of that page. We look forward to reading your application.

More about us

The Northern Arizona Native-American Foundation (TNANAF) was founded in 2005 to provide scholarships and educational opportunities for secondary students from the tribes in Northern Arizona. The tribes of Northern Arizona include, but are not limited to, the Apache, Havasupai, Hopi, Hualapai, Navajo, Paiute, Navajo, and Yavapai. The need for such an organization was apparent based on the statistics of talented students from the tribes not continuing their education after high school.

In September, 2005 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) granted 501 3 (c) tax status to The Northern Arizona Native-American Foundation (TNANAF). As a legal non-profit organization, all donations to TNANAF are tax-deductible. In 2015 we awarded 11 scholarships to talented and deserving students for college and for summer programs.

Since TNANAF's founding, scholarships have been provided to graduating seniors to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and the University of Arizona in Tucson. In 2016 $15,000 in scholarships was awarded bringing our ten-year total to $150,000. We are grateful to all our donors and hope to keep growing in this capacity.

As for the future, we hope to add more opportunities for students, such as connecting them to summer learning opportunities like Open Roads and to study abroad opportunities like Thinking Beyond Borders. We also hope to bring speakers into the schools to discuss the role of higher education and the speakers' own educational journeys. We also welcome ideas.

Board Members

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Brian Buckley – Executive Director

Brian is the third of four children of Catherine and Paul Buckley. His parents’ commitment to their children’s education has led Brian down many wondrous paths. A graduate of Harvard College, he has since taught in Brooklyn, New York as New York City public school teacher; in Udon Thani, Thailand as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer; in Page and Leupp, Arizona as a Northern Arizona Peace Corps Fellow. From 1999 to 2001, Brian served as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University with Dr. Robert Coles for the class, The Literature of Social Reflection, where he received the Derek Bok Award for Distinguished Teaching. He has also received graduate degrees from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education and the University of Massachusetts. Brian also serves on the Board for the SNAP Foundation based in Rochester, NY and the Americas Latino Festival based in Boulder, CO. Brian lives with his wife Katherine and daughters Norah, Clare, and Ruby.

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Constance Benally – Board Member

Constance has been designated a Master Teacher in Arizona by Governor Janet Napolitano. She has been teacher for 9 years and has taught in Sanders, Leupp, Tuba City, and Cameron – all schools within the Navajo Nation. Navajo herself, this is very important to her. She has earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Northern Arizona University. Her Master’s is in Education and Counseling. Recently, she has presented at the National Indian Education Conference on the topic: “Teaching Outside the Box.” She lives in Flagstaff and in her free time trains quarter horses with her husband, Jim.

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Genevieve Bennally – Board Member

Genevieve Bennally is of the Towering House Clan, born for the Red Streak Through the Water Clan. Her maternal grandparents are Black Streak Through the Wood Clan, and her paternal grandparents are the Edgewater Clan. She was born and raised in Page, Arizona where she graduated from Page High School in 2002. Currently, she is a Junior at Northern Arizona University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Math. Her interests include an array of activities, from the outdoors to spending quality time with family. She enjoys reading a good book and spending hours over the hot stove for a great meal!

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Katherine Hunter – Board Member

Katherine Hunter was born in Toronto, Canada. She did her undergraduate and graduate work in the United States at Franklin & Marshall College, Northern Arizona University and the University of Massachusetts. Katherine’s interest in educational opportunities for all students contributes to TNANAF’s mission. Katherine has previous non-profit experience as a Board member of a Cancer Society focused on access to care and fundraising. In her free time, she enjoys playing backgammon, cooking for alternative diets, and exploring the outdoors with her family.

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Cebre Henry – Board Member

Cebre Henry, a White Mountain Apache, is a mother of two beautiful girls. Cebre is continuing her education at the University of Arizona as a non-declared Public Health major with a minor in American Indian Studies. She likes spending time with her family, listening to music and event planning. She works as a student-worker at the University of Arizona Libraries.

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